Welcome to our 2 AA Rosette Pub!

Creating memories Since 2017.

We believe in delivering the warmest welcome, where you can experience personalised service. Our aim is to create memories that you and your loved ones will remember fondly. So sit back, unwind and let our friendly team look after you.

Our Vision

At The Half Moon, our culinary mission is to evoke the senses and celebrate
the rhythm of the seasons through a vibrant fusion of international flavors and
the finest Sussex produce. We are committed to creating dishes that artfully
balance the five key tastes: sweet, citrus, spice, salt, and umami, using
ingredients sourced directly from our own kitchen vegetable and herb gardens.
This commitment ensures that our menu not only features global culinary
techniques but also showcases the freshest, most flavorful local produce. By
integrating these elements, we aim to provide a sensory dining experience that
delights, nourishes, and connects our guests to the natural bounty of Sussex,
whilst evoking memories of far flung destinations.