RH14 Dining Events

A dining event with menus foraged from the RH area, designed as a celebration of our local guests.

RH14 Dining Event

As a celebration of our local guests, our RH14 dining events include a 3-course set menu and a glass of our showcased wine.

Our RH14 events will include a 3-course set menu built around ingredients foraged from within the RH14 postcode by our kitchen team, and guests will be presented with a map on the evening, showing where the ingredients have been found in our local area.

  • 3-course set menu
  • Glass of our showcased wine (250ml)
  • £30 per person


RH14 Dining Dates


FEBRUARY – Thursday 28th February 2019

MARCH – Thursday 28th March 2019

APRIL – Thursday 25th April 2019

MAY – Thursday 30th May 2019